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Should You Use Niagen?

Have you ever felt like you are losing the very essence of life?

You simply lack energy, performance and endurance, your health is often poor and your skin gradually loses it youth.

If you are experiencing any of this signs, or all together mostly, then your organism needs that excessive amount of NAD+, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, an essential human cell metabolite which is one of the key compounds of mitochondria, a powerhouse of cell. Since mitochondria is important for various cellular functions which are related to the energy production, our complete system depends on mitochondria and eventually grows old as mitochondria starts to produce in much smaller quantities in cells. That is the actual reason why we feel weak, why our skin ages and why our organism needs a descent boost of energy in order to maintain its functionality.

In that manner, scientists have developed Niagen.

What is Niagen?

Niagen is actually a form of commercially available nicotinamide riboside (NR), a highly effective booster of NAD+, important for the functioning of mitochondria and energy production. With NR, the production of NAD+ is highly widespread, ensuring that the mitochondria will have enough NAD+ for its functioning.

The overall effects of such supplementation is enhanced performance, endurance, cardiovascular health, cognitive function and anti-aging.

NR can be actually found in milk and as a vitamin B3 metabolite, it uses a more efficient way to deliver NAD+ to the body when compared to other supplements so far. As NR enhances and maintains mitochondrial health, by boosting the NAD+ levels, NR eventually influences the creation of the new mitochondria.

You are probably thinking about the bigger picture that includes NR and NAD+ production, and how does such mechanism improve health.

Well, thanks to the energy production, a person can improve the endurance and performance.

One study has shown that even a boost of 30% was recorded. The induced energy production has a huge impact on accelerating the metabolism. The metabolism boost leads to a much healthier diet and weight loss which can be quite beneficial to your overall health.

When the healthy cellular metabolism exist, cells are protected better and in such state they’re able to fight off the free radicals and prevent the damage of the cell. Therefore, the benefits are related to the neuroprotection, anti-aging effect and cell aging in general.

The brain cells are prone to the cellular damage. With Niagen, you will be able to support the cellular brain health and improve the cognitive function which comes with age.

So, if you wish to make yourself energized again and full of life, supplements such as Niagen are needed to be taken in order to maintain the functionality of your organism.

With a natural supplement like Niagen, you won’t have to fear that your organism will take synthetic compounds which are not tested or are unsafe for human use.

This unique and simple concept will influence the production of the powerhouses of your cell and produce the energy essential for the overall body health.

Enjoy all the benefits of descent health with Niagen

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